Piplee(beijing) pipeline system Techology Co., Ltd is specialized in development and sales of engineering plastic piping systems, with sales outlets and service centers all over the world. Piplee (beijing) pipeline system Techology Co., Ltd. . is engaged in developing technical support for installation and laying of engineering plastic piping systems and sales and service for UPVC, CPVC, PPH, PVDF plastic pipe system in China. We have a full range of products which almost satisfies production standard of every country (GB, DIN, ANSI, JIS & BS, etc.). We have passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

Our products have been widely used in water supply system, sewage treatment systems, electroplating wastewater treatment system, chlor-alkali chemical system, pickling and acid regeneration system as well as bio-pharmacy and solar battery industry. We have good reputation among customers for our high quality product and fast service.

Practicing business philosophy of quality first and serving the society, we are more devoted to bringing more and more premium quality products to the world.

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