PPH TEE 90° for butt welding


PPH (polypropylene)βmodification on ordinary PP material which can make it has uniform and fine Beta crystal structure, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, Abrasion resistance, good insulation, high temperature resistance. It’s Working temperature can reach 90 . This is a kind of superior quality product with the characteristics of Non-toxic, light quality and easy to transport and installIt is more high temperature resistance, more corrosion resistance and more anti-aging than PP.

We offered polypropylene (PPH) pipes and pipe fittings perform Germany DIN8077/8078 standard.

General Properties:

1.       Long service life---Under the rated temperature and pressure condition, it can be used for  more than 50 years safely.

2.       Excellent corrosion resistance-----The product can bear the corrosion of high concentration acid and alkali which PH range from 1 to 14.

3.       Heat resistant, thermal insulation and energy conservation --- The product has good heat preservation performance with small coefficient of thermal conductivity.

4.       Reliable connection performance--- The hot melt interface of this product is more strength than the pipe ontology, the joint will not be disconnected due to soil movement or loading.

5.       Good construction performance---- This product can satisfy the complex process piping with the light weight, simple welding process, convenient construction, low engineering comprehensive cost.

6.       Chemical resistance---- Experiments show that (β)-PPH pipe has the strongest chemical resistance among all polypropylene pipe.

7.  Temperature resistance--- According to the practical application, the applicable temperature range of (β)-PPH from -20 to + 110 .

8.  Withstand voltage---- In all polypropylene material that applied in pipeline system, (β) - PPH pipe has the highest withstand voltage performance (MRS10).

PPH TEE 90°for butt welding



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