PVDF TEE for butt+IR+HDF-fusion PN16

PVDF material has good chemical stability, superior weather resistance. It also has very good antiseptic effect for General acid, alkali, salt, especially suitable for the strong acid, mixed acid and other corrosive medium pipeline. So it is often applied to petrochemical industry, power electronics, semiconductor industry, high purity chemicals, steel pickling, transportation of acid and alkali, and other industries.

PVDF pipe will be used for a long time between -20 and 140. Its outstanding characteristic is the high mechanical strength, good irradiation resistance, and it can be used for a long time in the open air without maintenance. It has good chemical stability and will not be corroded by acid, alkali, strong oxidant and halogen corrosion at room temperature. PVDF current containing fluorine plastic yield ranked the second big products.


PVDF TEE for butt+IR+HDF-fusion PN10



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