Drainage works of Bird’s Nest for Beijing 2008 Olympics   

Sewage system reconstruction of New city of Dalian,   

China's National Grand Theater works

Qinghe bay country club, Beijing  

The Capital Airport, Terminal 2

CPLA General Hospital No. 301

Coked gas recovery works of Maanshan Iron Steel 

BMBEN business street in Wangjing, Beijing

Qingdao Power Plant works contracted by SHANDONG ELECTRIC POWER CONSTRUCTION

Miyun golf course, Beijing  

Togtoh sewage treatment plant, Hohhot

Fengyu printer of Pinggu District, Beijing

Shanghai Maglev construction works 

Qianmen reconstruction works of Beijing

Lilai sports park, Beijing  

Shunyi chemical plant, Beijing  

Shenyang sewage treatment plant

Virtue building of the People’s University of China

Hotel of Bazhou Power Supply Bureau 

Xiaotangshan Infectious diseases wards, Beijing

Beijing Overseas Chinese Town 

 Qinhuangdao thermal power plant contracted by Tianjin Electric Power Works

Zhejiang World Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Drainage Division 

Zhejiang Green Land Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou West Lake Municipal Works  

Taizhou Construction Works Co., Ltd. 

Hangzhou Tongda Municipal Works

Hangzhou Gongshu Civil Works

Hangzhou Bay Bridge 

Hangzhou Riverside Civil Works 

Hangzhou Qige Wastewater Treatment Company

Hangzhou Civil Works Corporation

Fuyang Sewage treatment plant

Zhejiang Baoye Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Wastewater treatment works in the east and west of Songjiang river, Shanghai 

Zhejiang Wenyan Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Century Square 

Zhejiang Dahua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Reconstruction works of the old city of Suzhou

Zhejiang Green City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Wujiang Urban Investment Co., Ltd. 

Reconstruction works of Xi’an sewage treatment system 

Works of China Railway Engineering Corporation 

Qinhuangdao Forest Sports Park 

Taizhou Civil Works Corporation

Suizhong Power Plant Construction Works

Changzhou Civil Works Corporation

Huludao Sewage Treatment Plant 

Reconstruction Works of Qixia District, Nanjing

Shanhe Printing House  

Reconstruction works of inner city of Nanchang

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